General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance can protect businesses from claims that result from personal and bodily injury, property damage, that arise during the course of running a business. We believe that it serves as the center piece of every business's commercial insurance plan and in may cases, its the first policy purchased. It is often a requirement to in commercial leases and client agreements.

How General Liability Coverage Can Protect Your Business

3rd Party Bodily Injury

If a customer is injured during a fall at your place of business, General Liability Insurance covers immediate medical expenses and/or your legal costs if they file a lawsuit against your company.

Product Liability

If your company’s product injures someone or damages their property, General Liability Insurance can help pay for your legal expenses.

3rd Party Property Damage

If someone representing your company damages a customer’s property, General Liability Insurance can help to repair or replace it.

Advertising Injury

If you are sued over slander or copyright infringement, General Liability Insurance can help pay for lawsuit expenses.

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