Cyber Liability Insurance

Recently, data breaches have been front page news for major banks, retailers, the federal government and an internet service provider. The problem has grown to include small to medium sized companies as well and with constantly changing technology, almost every business is at risk. According to the Insurance Journal, 55% of businesses have had a data breach and 53% have had multiple incidents.</p> <p>A data breach can damage more than just your small-business computer system – it also can damage your reputation and put your customers and/or employees at risk. Cyber Liability covers businesses for a data breach in which the firm's customers' personal information is exposed or stolen through a breach criminally gained through the organization's electronic network.

What Does it Cover?

Repairs damaged systems
Makes customers aware of a data breach
Covers legal costs
Restores identities of affected customers
Recovers any data that may have been compromised

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