Life Insurance

We do everything that we can for our loved ones. Regardless of the amount of time you require, the right life insurance coverage assures that no matter what the future holds that your family will be able to pursue the best that life has to offer.

Term Life Insurance


Affordable payments that are guaranteed not to change
Works well with employer based plans
Can be processed quickly
Guaranteed coverage for a specific amount of time

How it works:

Select a coverage period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years
Receive a Guaranteed Death Benefit
Choose from a variety of riders to suit your circumstance
Lower priced premiums available

Whole Life Insurance


An option to build cash value
Lifelong coverage can protect loved ones from financial loss
Level payments that will not increase
Guaranteed death benefit

Addition options may include:

A hybrid policy that combines temporary and permanent coverages
The ability to purchase an entire policy in one payment
Payments that change after you reach a certain age
Policies that are a good match for people who want to transfer assets

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    Barry and Julie Wells

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