Off Road Insurance

Adventure seekers love all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and the last thing they want is to be limited to the amount of fun that they can have while off road, on the beach or on a dune. A number of states require off road coverage for vehicles operated on state-owned land. It’s possible that your homeowners coverage may not be adequate for an ATV if ridden outside of your property line. As an independent agent we have a number of insurance partners with off road coverage to fit your adventure lifestyle while on or off of your property.

What Does it Cover?


Comprehensive ATV coverage usually pays for damage to your vehicle if caused by an event other than a collision. This may include fire, theft or flood damage. Just like auto insurance, you’re responsible for the deductible in the plan that you’ve selected and your insurance covers the rest.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage

This covers injuries damage, injuries to people and property caused by your vehicle. This also covers assets up to your chosen limits.


This pays when you damage your ATV after hitting another obstacle. This may include a vehicles and non-vehicles. Just as in auto insurance, you’re responsible for the deductible and the insurance covers the balance. Collision also provides coverage for minor dents and cosmetic non structural damage to your ATV.

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